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Welcome to Acorns Class!

We are a Reception class.

Our teacher is Miss Brown.

Acorns Class Newsletter April 2018

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Storytime Invitation Letter

Junk Modelling Rockets


As part of our Space theme, we designed a rocket by making a plan of the materials we would need and what it would look like. We then made our rocket using our plan to help us. We learned to use resources and equipment safely and with control to achieve the desired effect. We found that we sometimes had to adapt our work depending on the resources we saw to either fit our ideas or improve them. Everyone had amazing concentration skills like Enthusiastic Eric. Afterwards, we evaluated our rocket comparing it to our plans and giving positive opinions on our friends’ rockets.

Space Day

We have been learning about Space and had a Space Day at school. We all dressed up as astronauts or Mission Controllers and prepared for lift off. We had our official photographs taken, a check of whether we were healthy and fit for space and blasted off in our home-made rockets. In the weeks leading up to the day, we had all designed and made a rocket out of junk modelling for us to use. During the day, we watched Miss Brown have a go at blasting a rocket into space as a science experiment. Unfortunately, it didn’t work but there were lovely conversations about why it might not have worked and what we could try instead to make it work, such as blasting from a bigger hill, shaking the bottle beforehand and using more ingredients. In the afternoon, we made constellation tubes and also healthy space food by pureeing fruits. Everyone tasted at least one recipe and found one that they liked. What a fab day!

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Acorns Autumn Newsletter No 2

Harvest Festival

We have been learning that Christians celebrate Harvest to thank God for all the food that has been grown and is ready to be harvested and eaten now. We tasted different Harvest fruits and vegetables and made marks to show which ones we liked and which ones we did not like. We also learned a Harvest song to perform at the school’s Harvest Festival service at Church. It was our first time going to church as a class. We took an apple tree that we had made as a class to decorate the church with. To make it, we used tissue paper and PVA glue to give the texture of bark on the tree, painted the bark brown and painted the background to show blue sky and green grass. We also printed apples using real apples cut in half.

Autumn Home Learning Task

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Harvest Song Practice