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Meet the Governors

The Governing Body


The Governing Body are responsible for overseeing the running of the school. There are a mixture of parents, staff, church and community representatives on the body.


The Governors produce the School Improvement Plan every year, and this forms the basis for the teachers and children to move learning forward within the school as well as considering other aspects of the school and its grounds.

Details of this improvement plan are available. Please contact the Headteacher.


The main aspects of the current plan are: Mathematics ( Subject review); English ( including phonics and Talk for Writing); intervention for pupils and individuals; building fabric, including installation of new boilers.


Committee structure

The governing body is formed of three main committees: Teaching and Learning, Resources, and Ethos (formerly SIAMS - Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools). Additional committees and working parties are formed as required.

Governors' Code of Conduct

The Governors

Governor Type Term Length Start of term End of term

Dr Peter Smith

Chair of Governors

Foundation Governor 4 Years 03/09/16 02/09/20
Rev. Prebendary Alan MacDonald Foundation Governor   Ex Officio Ex Officio
Mrs Elizabeth Milward Foundation Governor 4 Years 23/01/18 22/01/22
Mrs Karen Devaraj LEA 4 Years 22/03/18 21/03/22
Vacancy Co-opted Governor 4 Years    
Mrs Joan Park Co-opted Governor 4 Years 18/06/15 17/06/19
Mr Andrew Hosking Co-opted Governor 4 Years 01/09/16 31/08/20

Mr Josh Wright


Co-opted Governor 4 Years 17/09/15 16/09/19
Mr Richard Somerwill Co-opted Governor 4 Years 14/12/17 13/12/21
Mrs Sally Back Parent Governor 4 Years 17/10/17 16/10/21
Mrs Hilary Stevens Parent Governor 4 Years 14/12/17 13/12/21
Mr Christopher Edwards Parent Governor 4 Years 14/12/17 13/12/21
Mr Andy Mathers Parent Governor 4 Years 07/11/16 06/11/20
Mrs Gill Adnams Head Teacher   01/09/14  
Mrs Julie Winter Staff Governor 4 Years 18/12/15 17/12/19
Mrs Kathy Little Associate Member 4 Years 01/09/16 31/08/20
Dr Philip Whateley Clerk to the Governors      


Committees and attendance at full governing body in the last academic year

Governor Committees Link Governor Attendance
Rev. Prebendary Alan MacDonald Resources Literacy 6 out of 6
Mrs Elizabeth Milward Ethos   4 out of 5
 Dr Peter Smith

Resources (Personnel)

Teaching and Learning (Ethos)

  6 out of 6
Vacancy Teaching and Learning (H/T Perf Mgt)    
Mrs Joan Park Resources (Finance) Sports Grant 4 out of 6
Mr Andrew Hosking Resources (Premises) Pupil Premium 6 out of 6
Mr Josh Wright Resources (Chair & IT) Science 4 out of 6
Mrs Kathy Little (Associate) Teaching and Learning (Curric./Ethos)   6 out of 6
Mr Andy Mathers   Maths 5 out of 6
Mrs Gill Adnams Teaching and Learning / Resources   5 out of 6
Mrs Julie Winter Teaching and Learning. Safeguarding 6 out of 6
Mrs Sally Back     3 out of 5
Mr Richard Somerwill   Behaviour for Learning 4 out of 5
Mrs Hilary Stevens   Early Years/EYFS 4 out of 5
Mr Christopher Edwards   Assessment for Learning 4 out of 5

*Attendance is number of times attended out of number of possible attendances.


Governors who have left in the last 12 months

Name Status Member Start-End Date
Mrs Lucy Mottram Parent Governor Member 25/10/13 - 24/10/17
Mrs Lisa Bradner Co-opted Governor Member 26/10/16 - 28/09/17
Mrs Karen Devaraj LA Governor Member 17/01/14 - 16/01/18
Mrs Elizabeth Milward Foundation Governor Member 23/01/14 - 22/01/18
Mr Richard White Co-opted Governor Member 18/06/15 - 05/04/18


Summary of Registered Interests

Name Type of Governor Appointing Body Office Current term Committee(s) Registered Interests
Mr Josh Wright Co-opted Governor Governing Board Vice-chair 17/09/15 - 16/19/19 Resources

Spouse of staff member (PJ Wright.)

Child attending this school

Mrs E Millward Foundation Governor Diocese of Exeter Member 23/01/18 - 22/01/22 Ethos Member of school staff
Mrs J Winter Staff Governor Staff Member 18/12/15 - 17/12/19 Teaching & Learning Member of school staff
Mr C Edwards Parent Governor Parents Member 14/12/17 - 13/12/21 Resources Child attending this school
Mrs S Back Parent Governor Parents Member 17/10/17 - 16/10/21 Teaching & Learning Child attending this school
Mrs H Stevens Parent Governor Parents Member 14/12/17 - 13/12/21 Teaching & Learning Child attending this school
Mr A Mathers Parent Governor Parents Member 11/10/16 - 10/10/20 Ethos Child attending this school