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Acorns Class

Welcome to Acorns Class!

We are a Reception and Year 1 class.

Our teacher is Miss Brown.

Guide Dogs for the Blind Visit

We had a visit from Guide Dogs for the Blind. We learnt about the work that Guide Dogs do and how they are trained. We also learned about how to approach a Guide Dog safely, looking at the harness and asking the owner. We practised our skills with Frank, a brown Labrador.

We made our own Diva lamps by sculpting clay into a lamp shape and decorating it with bright colours.

As part of our Diwali Day, we watched a shadow puppet theatre perform the story of ‘Rama and Sita’ and learned why it is important for Hindus at Diwali. We then made our own shadow puppets of one of the characters from the story and tested them out in the theatre. We also experienced Diwali celebrations by learning some festive greeting ‘Namaste’ and ‘Shubh Deepavali’, singing a Diwali song, learning a Diwali dance and dressing in some traditional clothing.

Harvest - Autumn 2019

This year, we have been incredibly lucky to have PE lessons with Mr B from Premier Sport. We have learned lots of gymnastics and games skills. To celebrate everything that we have learned over the year, we used all of these skills to play ‘Floor is Lava’. We also used number and adding skills to work out our team scores. Thank you Mr B for teaching us so much!

February Update Letter


We visited some piglets as part of our Literacy work. Before we visited, we wrote questions that we would like to ask their owner, practising using a capital letter at the start of the sentence and punctuating it with a question mark. When we were there, we asked our questions and on our return, we wrote about the facts that we had learned.

Some of our questions included:

Do they have a water trough?

How do they open their mouth?

When do the owners or farmers feed piglets?

Where did the piglets come from?

Where do they get their milk?

How do they get food?

When do they sleep?

When do they eat food?

Kente Cloth Patterns

We have found that some Africans like to wear Kente patterns on their clothes. We found out that they make them by weaving. We designed and made our own Kente cloth patterns by painting and weaving.


Tippy Taps


Water, Water, Everywhere!

As part of our topic on Africa, Acorns Class learned that a charity called WaterAid has been helping some Africans get clean water by building Tippy Taps. We challenged ourselves to follow the instructions to make a mini Tippy Tap and try to wash our hands with it. Here are some of our attempts…

Tippy Taps video 1

Still image for this video

Tippy Taps video 2

Still image for this video

Tippy Taps video 3

Still image for this video

Flight Experience


Acorns Class went on a trip to Africa. We flew on Acorns Airline with Miss Brown as Cabin Crew and Captain Winter flying the plane. Everyone made a passport and checked in with their luggage, before heading through security and boarding the plane. We enjoyed the view of take-off and landing through the window after Miss Brown had given the safety demonstration and we had done our seatbelts up. Drinks and snacks were served on board and everyone had a safe but enjoyable flight!

Making Christingles

Christmas Show - Hey Ewe!

100 things to do before you are 6

When your child is ready for cursive handwriting, we use Letterjoin. Login details were provided at the Year 1 Curriculum Information Session in September. If you need another copy, please come and see one of the Acorns Class team.