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Committees and Working Parties

The Governing Body has 2 main committees which met at least once a term, sometime more frequently. These committees are the Resources Committee and the Teaching and Learning Committee. We try to match the skills set of the governors on the governing body with the issues addressed by each committee.


The role of the Resources Committee is to focus on personnel, finance, building and health and safety issues.


The role of the Teaching and Learning Committee is to look at school performance, raising standards for all pupils, oversee the implementation of the annual School Improvement Plan. We regularly ask staff and the head to come to this meeting and give us update and information about the education performance of the school and its pupils. We also look at evidence that the school has a positive learning culture and that the school is offering a good range of sports, arts and voluntary activates.


We also have a Pay Committee who consider any pay increases that are put forward.


In addition to these committees, we have numerous working parties who will look at key issues in detail. We currently have working parties who met to discuss and oversee the following areas:


  • Pre School Liaison

  • Communications Working Party

  • Grounds Development Working Party

  • Ethos Working Party

  • Collaboration Working Party – looking at developing links with other schools


Several of our governors are trained to attend performance management meetings with the headteacher which happen 2 to 3 times per year.