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Welcome to Oak Class!

We are a mixed year 5 and 6 class.

Our teachers are Mrs Horrell and Mrs Adnams.


Oak Class 'back in time' at Tiverton Museum


On Thursday 13th February Oak class visited Tiverton Museum as part of our World War II project. We experienced different activities that showed us what life was like in our local area during the War. During our visit we looked at rationing, air raids, life on the home front, evacuees and how local American Air force and Army bases affected the lives of local children.

We were surprised to find out that Silverton was a base camp for an American signal corps.

The story about children pretending it was their birthday to get the GIs to give them sweets and chocolate was really funny! Violet

I was surprised how little food there was because of rationing. Eddie

Spoons, cutlery and soap were difficult to get hold of – that was surprising! Evie-Rose

I enjoyed experiencing the air raid in the Anderson shelter. Tilly

I found out how frightening it must have been for children in those days. Toby

I enjoyed tasting the dried egg omelette and powdered milk drink. Alex.

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